Hi and welcome to my little piece of the internet world!

My name is Tim Ehlers and I have been doing photography for almost 25 years and counting. I started in the days of film and progressed to digital where we are today.  My focus in photography are as follows.

Senior Photos

Sports Photography - Teams and action

Nature / Landscape

Senior Photos:   I charge $420 for 6 hours of work, that includes shooting on site (your choice) and computer time.  If we go over the six hours, I bill at a rate of $50/hour.  I would consult first if I thought it would go over!  After shooting, we review proofs and then I will cut all photos with release for you to have and print as you like.  I can print also, but will charge for the extra time.

Team Photos:  I come and shoot, do either order forms or post to this.  Then players/families can order items or downloads as they like.

Sports Action:  Hire me for what ever time you need and we can work out the details!

Thanks for checking things out!


Tim Ehlers