Welcome to my location on the internet where I offer a variety of photographic work to chose from.  Areas that I work in are Portraits, Sports along with Nature and Animals.

You can purchase photo work on this site by following the cart/buy buttons on the top of each photo.  You can order prints if you so chose (the vendor is very good) or in all cases you can order a digital copy for personal or commercial use.  You will have to agree to the consent when buying the downloads.  Also, the downloads will be in various file sizes with different prices with the smallest file size obviously being the least expense.

I am also available for portrait work, family photos and such and start at $300 for five(5) hours of shooting/computer time and then $45/hour after that.  You can find samples of some portrait/family photos on this site.  I can do the printing but that will start to add up the costs so I work to keep things reasonable.  I choose to work with you on photos that you would like to have more work done on.  I will email samples and we can meet if you like.  Then when satisfied you will get a DVD/CD with the originals, the edits and any other information needed that you can have them printed where you like.

If you have further questions/comments, please go to the left of the page and select "Contact Tim."  You can also reach me on my phone which is listed below!  Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you or having you purchase some of my existing work!

Tim Ehlers


Salem, OR.

What I shoot

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